Welcome to the website for All Saints Church, Hemblington. We do not know who built our church or when. What we worship in each week is a beautiful and simple building. The clear glass windows allow the light to flood the building. We gaze out at the rolling fields that surround the churchyard. This delightful building is very much part of the environment as the environment is part of the church.

This is a church that takes the visitor far away from the rush of a busy world. The round tower reminds us of the long history of Christian worship on this site. Within it one of the country's largest wall paintings of St Christopher greets the visitor. The uncluttered interior, medieval bench ends and magnificent font all tell stories of faith and worship throughout the centuries.

On returning to England from India it is a joy to see lush green fields, to turn on a tap to drink clean water and to feel secure in my home. Left behind is a slum that has one standpipe for 600 people turned on only a couple of times a week. There is no sanitation, leprosy is becoming common again and severe drought prevails as the monsoon fails for the 5th consecutive year.

England is a beautiful country especially at this Harvest time when we rejoice that all is safely gathered in. However, I wonder if we really appreciate it – or do we take it and the peace we enjoy for granted?

It reminds me of the story of a man being shown extremes of good and bad. He is taken to a room where thousands sit around a steaming pot of food. Everyone has a spoon but the people’s arms are splinted and unable to bend, so the spoon goes in to the pot, but they cannot get the food to their mouths. Everyone is unhappy and fighting is everywhere. In the next room the same scene with thousands of people, a large pot of food and splinted arms but it is peaceful and everyone seems happy. “What is the difference?” asks the man. “Why are those in the second room happy?” “Ah”, he is told, “in that room they have learnt to feed each other”.

God has provided enough for everyone in our world, a world that sees one third of the world’s population going to bed over full and two thirds going to bed hungry; a world that has just commemorated the First World War, yet still sees enmity in so many places.

As we give thanks for the many blessings we have, we pray for peace and fairness in His beautiful world.

As most of you are aware, we are currently busy fundraising for a project at Hemblington Church to add a toilet, to provide level access into the building and to provide new kitchen and storage facilities at the back of the church. We have had some minor setbacks which have slightly delayed the project and increased the costs. For example, we have discovered that some of the church electric wiring needs replacing. But we now have all the quotations in and the final costs are just under £80,000.

We have already raised over half of these funds from individual donations and fund raising events. We are currently in the process of applying for grants, many of which we could not approach until we had the costs finalised or who require the applicant to have raised over half of the funds themselves. We are confident that we will soon raise the required funds and envisage starting the building work early next year. By the middle of next year we will have a toilet available for adults and children who visit our church for services and events.

There is more detail about this project available on a display board at the back of the church. If you require further information or wish to make a donation to the fund then please contact Catherine on 270360 or Sue on 211629.

On Saturday 20th September there will be a craft fair at Hemblington Church from 10 am to 12.30 pm. There will be gifts, jewellery, crafts, local cards, free range eggs, alpaca wool and more. Tea/coffee and cakes will be available. For more information call Catherine on 270360.

During the period that our benefice seeks to appoint a new priest (the interregnum) you are invited to use this prayer seeking God’s guidance:

God Our Father
You have welcomed each one of us in Jesus Christ and called us to be his body at Hemblington and in this benefice.

Send us your Holy Spirit, at this time of uncertainty and change, to fill us with vision, energy and faithfulness in prayer that we may be true to our calling to bring new life to our community.

Guide with your heavenly wisdom those who are to choose a new priest for this benefice, that the one whom we receive may be a wise and gentle shepherd of your people, ready to serve us with joy, to build us up in faith, and to lead us by example in living obedience to your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.


We will be holding another Make and Mardle on Thursday 25th September from 10 am to 12 noon at Hemblington Church. There will be craft activities, knitting and chat with coffee and cake. Everyone is welcome.

Prayer is the underlying need during this period when we are without a Rector. It is unlikely that we will have a new rector in place until the New Year. We all need the wisdom of God’s Holy Spirit to help us through this period. We have therefore made available various times of prayer during the week.

Tuesdays 9 am Morning Prayer at Blofield
Thursdays 9 am Morning Prayer at Hemblington
Fridays 6 pm Prayer with short Bible refection at Blofield

These are designed to make it possible for as many people as possible to attend one or more of these times every week. We hope everyone linked with Blofield, Hemblington and North Burlingham will respond. It began last month and will continue until further notice – probably until we know we have a new Rector. Prayer is where God enters our hearts and draws us close to him and each other as we seek his will. There will be no pressure to pray in a particular way – we all pray differently.

Our church will be taking part in the Diocese of Norwich Summer Trail and families can have their map stamped at St Andrew and St Peter in Blofield and All Saints in Hemblington. The link for more information on this activity is www.dioceseofnorwich.org/summer. It starts on Monday 28th July and runs until Sunday 7th September and there will be posters in the church. The stamp for recording visits to the church will be located in the church building and visitors are meant to ‘find’ the stamp as part of visiting the church.

This is video shows our beautiful church on a lovely summers day in June. Music by the Octagon Singers of Norwich.

Friends of Hemblington Church now has a Facebook page where it is planned to display lots of pictures and details of events taking place at the church.