Welcome to the website for All Saints Church, Hemblington. We do not know who built our church or when. What we worship in each week is a beautiful and simple building. The clear glass windows allow the light to flood the building. We gaze out at the rolling fields that surround the churchyard. This delightful building is very much part of the environment as the environment is part of the church.

This is a church that takes the visitor far away from the rush of a busy world. The round tower reminds us of the long history of Christian worship on this site. Within it one of the country's largest wall paintings of St Christopher greets the visitor. The uncluttered interior, medieval bench ends and magnificent font all tell stories of faith and worship throughout the centuries.

World Day of Prayer

This annual event, formerly known as “The Women’s World Day of Prayer”, is held on the first Friday in March. This year it falls on Friday March 6th. The organisation is a led by Christian women from 170 countries, bringing together many races, traditions and cultures to share in a common day of prayer. This year the service is the work of the women of the Zimbabwe. It is not intended to be an event exclusively for women, but to be a gift from those women to Christians the world over.

At Hemblington Church we will be holding a morning of prayer, reflection and fellowship to complement the main service at Brundall. On each hour between 10 am and 12 pm, there will be a short period of prayers, a reading or reflection based on the theme “Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk”. At 12.15 pm there will a Zimbabwean themed lunch. Join us for any part of the morning. Men, women and children are all equally welcome.

The service at St Laurence, Brundall is at 2pm.

Make & Mardle, March

Our March Make & Mardle will be on Thursday 26th March from 10am to 12noon at Gables Farmhouse, Hemblington Hall Road, Hemblington for coffee, cake & chat.  Bring your knitting too if you like.  We look forward to you joining us.

National 75th Commemoration of Victory in Europe Day

The National 75th commemoration of Victory in Europe Day is on the weekend of 8th/9th/10th May. We are planning to hold the Friends’ AGM on Thursday evening, 7th May, and there will be a little exhibition in church all week. If you have any newspaper articles, photographs or VE Day memorabilia which you would be happy for us to photocopy and display as part of the exhibition, or personal recollections we could record and type up, please let us know. Please contact the secretary of the Friends: tel 715804 or e-mail: Hemblington@gmail.com

Surveying Wildlife in the Churchyard

Anyone interested in helping us look for and record wildlife in the churchyard will be warmly welcomed. For several years we have been recording the wild flowers and more recently any birds, bees, and butterflies seen in the churchyard on a monthly basis. The records are sent to Norfolk Wildlife Trust and help to indicate the health of the flora and fauna in the area. The churchyards are managed by BADCOG and Bure Valley Conservation Groups with help from The Friends. The dates for these surveys will be Monday 16th March, Friday 24th April, Friday 29th May, Friday 19th June, Monday 20th July, Tuesday 18th August, Friday 25th September, Monday 12th October 10:30 am – 11:45 am. Do come along too!

Make & Mardle, February

Our February Make & Mardle will be on Tuesday 25th February from 10am to 12noon at Gables Farmhouse, Hemblington Hall Road, Hemblington for coffee, cake & chat.  Bring your knitting too if you like.  We look forward to you joining us. 

Take a look inside Hemblington Church

As a retirement project, Andrew Hawkins is building a website which takes a virtual tour of places of interest in and around the historic city of Norwich, presented as a series of interactive 360-degree panoramas in which you, the viewer, can ‘turn the camera’ to look left and right and up and down. He has just added a section about Hemblington Church which contains beautiful views of our church. The Hemblington Church entry can be found at:


But have a look round the rest of the website for interesting insights into our local heritage.