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In the last couple of years we have completed a number of projects which we believe are essential for the future of All Saints. These projects were made possible with funding from the local community and charitable trusts who specialise in churches such as ours.

We have now improved on the existing lighting and installed a lamp post next to the entrance gate. All the lights are now connected to a timed switch located inside the church. This means that the church can be better used in the late afternoons (in winter) and in the evenings. We have been so grateful to receive a generous donation for these works.

Restoration of the Nave Wall
The Nave wall where it meets the Tower has now been repaired by a specialist builder under the guidance of our church architect.

Roof and Wall Repairs
We have now completed the repairs to our church with the help of the church community and the wider community. We are also grateful to the Round Tower Society, the Pennycress Trust, the Manifold Trust and the Norfolk Churches Trust for their financial assistance.

Kitchen Upgrade
A new kitchen area with sink has enabled our church to be used for a wider range of activities. The work surface is concealed by a wooden lid so that it does not detract from the church interior when not in use. The units are freestanding in oak which blends in with the other wooden interiors of the church.

On the opposite side of the church is a further set of cupboards for extra storage of kitchen and cleaning materials.

Tourism/Heritage Centre
Part of the new cupboard unit is used to display a small range of tourist and heritage information.

Level Access and WC extension
We now have a toilet in a small extension to the north side of the church. Access to the church is through the previously bricked up north door. It is now possible to run whole day workshops such as our quiet days allowing participants to stay all day and focus deeply on prayer and meditation without interruptions. School children and local groups are now able to use the church as an educational resource. We can encourage more children to visit and we can become more involved with our community by developing child friendly worship and running more holiday clubs. Peace of mind is given to those travelling long distances to weddings baptisms and funerals.

The new level access provides access to services for those members of our community with limited mobility. This includes parents with babies, the elderly, and the less able.

Sunday 9 May
  • 9:30 am Service of the Word, Hemblington Church
  • 11:00 am Holy Communion, Blofield Church
Sunday 16 May
  • 9:30 am Holy Communion, Hemblington Church
  • 11:00 am Service of the Word, Blofield Church