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The church contains a particularly attractive, painted font. It is eight-sided and stands well up on two octagonal risers. On each of the sides of the bowl there is a rectangular panel in which is a seated figure.

Starting at the west face and going to the south the figures may be identified as follows:

  1. The Holy Trinity represented by the seated figure of God the Father supporting the crucifix resting on an orb, and above is the Holy Dove.
  2. Possibly one of the Apostles, holding a book in his left hand.
  3. St Edmund, crowned and holding a sceptre.
  4. St George seated with his feet resting on a winged dragon.
  5. St Thomas Becket in full pontificals, holding his crozier in his left hand.
  6. St Barbara, a tower in her left hand and a palm branch in her right.
  7. St Agatha with her right hand raised as if warding off a sword.
  8. Possibly one of the Apostles. Bare feet.

The bowl is supported on a stem made up of eight graceful niches in each of which is a figure standing on a high pedestal:

  1. St Leonard with a club in his right hand and fetters in his left.
  2. St Catherine, a sword in her right hand, a wheel in her left.
  3. St Stephen as a deacon, with a palm branch in his right hand and stones in his left.
  4. St Mary Magdalen, with two long plaits of hair.
  5. St Lawrence as a deacon holding a gridiron.
  6. St Margaret of Antioch slaying the dragon with a sharp-pointed cross.
  7. St Benedict holding a pastoral staff.
  8. St Sitha or Zita, with keys and loaves of bread.

The font was re-coloured in 1937 under the direction of Professor Tristram.

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